NO1 1kg Espresso Group Head Coffee Machine Cleaner

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No1 1kg Espresso Group Head Coffee Machine Cleaner

First action, dissolves, creating foaming

Second action, chemical reacts, causing foaming to start realising through the solinoid on its own

After the second flush the product is still cleaning and releasing foam/product through the solenoid. What this means, is that even when the group is deactivated, without activating the group head, or the pump, the product is still active, reacting, cleaning the solenoid

It is obviously cleaning without the machine doing anything. Most cleaning product just stop and wait for water and pump pressure, So NO1 work continuously regardless thee pump or water pressure

Also NO1 acts, lubricates the solenoid

Talking about lubrications!

The cam on the Leaver also get a touch lubricated. As all cleaning products should do. They clean the oils off, but can leave it dry and sticky. NO1 cleans the area, but also gives it a light lubricant, allowing no stickiness, long geverty on leaver and easy use


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